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Lily Flowers and It’s Different Uses

Lilies are a wonderful species of flowers and just like roses they are also a hot favourite of everyone around. The most elegant and famous are the Casablanca lily bouquets and the potted lilies which are beautiful to look at. They make a different statement when presented and are loved by a lot of people. When are lilies are totally bloomed then they look marvellous and the bright colours with the different patterns and designs are a simply amazing sight.
Lily Flowers have a sweet smell too and they can also be used in a variety of events like weddings etc. They are also ideal for the decoration of our houses and table tops and can be easily paired with roses so that the combination looks divine. Lilies are known to have medicinal properties as well and are a wonderful choice to pick after roses.
Let us have a look into the reason at a wider angle.

  1. Classic Choice as Gifts:
    If we want to give flowers to a loved one, then apart from roses one of the best options would be to gift some lilies. Just like roses even lilies come in a lot of colours and all the colours are amazing to perceive. We can get the flowers delivered according to the preference of our loved one and book the bouquets from the online from our house or office to be delivered on time. Thus, we can totally fall for the elegance of the sweet lily flowers for they look so divine and precious.
  2. Medicinal Purpose of Lilies:
    In Asia people have used it for more than the last 2000 years and people in the other cultures have overlooked the utilities if this wonderful flower. Day lily flowers after drying have been consumed by people as a laxative or a diuretic and the flower and the root most importantly of this flower have been used to treat spider bites.
    Wood lilies can be used to be infused in tea and have medicinal properties in them. It can heal of various ailments like stomach disorder, cough, tuberculosis fever and childbearing pain. It can also be used to wash swollen bruises, open wounds and sores to eliminate infection and quicken the healing procedure. Lily bulb ointments are a cure for corns and it’s juice is the best medicine for dropsy. We can get it from an online florist and use it for our purposes.
  3. Cooking Purposes:
    Lilies are used in cooking as well specially in the areas of Asia, Middle East and the Western world. Dry lily buds which are also known as golden needles are used in the Asian cooking and they bring in a yellow colour and an earthy and musky flavour into the dish. The petals are a wonderful combination in sweet dishes, or as stuffing in meat and veggies.
    The stems are chewy and resemble the flavour of asparagus, zucchini or lettuce. In Japanese recipes it is pulpy sugary and sweet and hence added to dishes with this flavour. It has an exotic flavour; texture and it is a new revolutionary introduction of an edible plant into the normal diet.
  4. Symbol of love:
    lilies useWe can gift flowers to people and win their minds and specially if it is a lily then the person will be able to understand our taste and also that we respect them and love them immensely. This flower holds a history of rich symbolic meaning from ancient times when primitive people used to gift these items as a sign of live and gratitude.

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